• Time for savor with Cakes&Bakes' special teas

    Cakes&Bakes, one of BTA's popular brands, invites you to get away from life's daily hassle and stress with a tea break. Cakes&Bakes offers all of its guests the world's most special teas blended by Asia Chai Art. The most enjoyable moments of a day are perhaps the ones when you sip a freshly brewed tasty tea. You relax and take a rest as you get away from daily life's workload and stress during a little break for tea. Appreciating such moments, Cakes&Bakes invites all of its guests to a pleasant ritual with the special teas prepared by Asia Chai Art in different flavors. Cakes&Bakes provides its guests with 10 different types of tea. With its flowery smell and mild taste, green teas help you relieve fatigue while they go with the dishes perfectly. Oolong tea types containing high levels of antioxidants revive your energy with the dried fruit flavor they provide and soothes your soul thanks to the smells they give off. Rooibos teas make tea times enjoyable with their mild taste. As for white tea types, referred to as the teas extending life expaxtancy, they are light and quite tasty... C&B Special Winter tea, harmonizing with milk in a perfect way, has an unusual flavor with the mixture of cinnamon, clove, ginger, anise, cardamom, black pepper and rooibos. The guests can also continue to enjoy these tasty teas offered by Cakes&Bakes at home if they desire. Asia Chai Art teas are offered for sale in 50 g wooden boxes specially designed for Cakes&Bakes.

  • Cakes&Bakes flew to Zagreb!

    Cakes&Bakes continues its global expansion!

    One of BTA’s most loved brand, Cakes&Bakes opened a new outlet in Zagreb-Croatia.

    Cakes&Bakes is now operational in 7 countries with its presence in Croatia, Tunisia, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Latvia, Macedonia and Turkey.

  • Enjoying Ramadan at Cakes&Bakes

    Cakes&Bakes, one of BTA's popular brands, brought in a unique flavor by bringing date and cheesecake together. You can turn your tea times into pleasing moments after iftar meal at Cakes&Bakes which provides a chance to experience a totally different version of cheesecake during Ramadan. Cakes&Bakes, the place for pleasant breaks with its hot coffee and different tastes offers a very special flavor for Ramadan: Cheesecake with date... This flavor, which comes out of the skilful hands of Cakes&Bakes' chefs and brings date, a must for Ramadan, and cheesecake together delights tea times after iftar. You can taste cheesecake with date at all Cakes&Bakes branches during Ramadan. Cakes&Bakes awaits for the guests in Turkey at Istanbul Ataturk Airport's domestic and international terminals, Ankara Esenboğa Airport, İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport, Foods in the Woods found in UNIQ Istanbul, Yenikapı and Bostancı IDO terminals, on fast ferries plying between Yenikapı-Bursa and Yenikapı-Bandırma and at the Istanbul Fenerbahçe and Bostancı BP gas stations. Cakes&Bakes offers service abroad in Zagreb, Tunisia, Macedonia, Salalah and Madinah.

  • Flavors with full of favor at Cakes&Bakes

    Cakes&Bakes gives support to Koruncuk Foundation thanks to the strength it receives from its guests. The income gained from the products put up for sale at Cakes&Bakes with the message "This package is full of favor" will be donated for the nutriton expenses of the children under Koruncuk Foundation. Cakes&Bakes brought into being a project that supports Turkish Foundation for Children in Need of Protection (Koruncuk) which acts by keeping in mind the thought that the children in need of protection has the right to live in a healthy environment, take advantage of game and entertainment opportunities as well as receive a contemporary education and improve their skills. Offering 5 different products with the message "This package is full of favor" for sale, Cakes&Bakes will contribute Koruncuk Foundation to help them continue their activities thanks to the support given by its guests. Certain part of the income gained from the macaron, blueberry cookie, rusk with dried fruit, Turkish bagel with sesame as well as bran cracker sticks that will be sold at the cashier's desk will be donated to Koruncuk Foundation which offers hundreds of children in need of protection a family environment and ensures the sincere smile on their faces. "We aim to support the activities devotedly conducted by Koruncuk Foundation for the future of the children residing at Koruncukköy Bolluca and to be a part of this process with our brand Cakes&Bakes. Our guests will ensure that the children under Koruncuk Foundation will look to future with confidence by buying our snack products in different flavors carrying "full of favor inside" at 15 Cakes&Bakes points in Turkey." said BTA's Marketing Manager Ayşe Yalçındağ as she expressed her happiness for Cakes&Bakes' participation in such an important civil society initiative. Koruncuk Foundation's General Manager Ayşe Güveniş stated that this meaningful cooperation will make a great contribution to creating awareness regarding "children in need of protection" and as Koruncuk Foundation, they are very pleased to take part in this purposeful project alongside BTA.


    Cakes&Bakes gets ready to welcome 2018 with heart-warming delicious festive season products. Appealing to the eyes as well as the palate, special offers include gingerbread cookies and cupcakes.

    Alongside its artfully crafted treats, festive season themed gift items such as decorative plates and gift boxed are also being sold until the beginning of January


    Cakes&Bakes continues to launch Instagram contests!

    In the “New Year” themed contest “#myfestivedessert Instagram followers were asked to make and share their favourite dessert. The winner was drawn automatically from the top 10 finalist.


    Cakes&Bakes celebrates Valentine’s day with sweet surprises!


    Our Valentine’s day special artfully crafted by our professional chefs include the notorious classic red velvet cake and a “to share” Valentine’s cake for two.

    Alongside our delicious cakes, “Asia Chai Art” gift boxes as well as valentine’s day themed decoration items are also put in display.


    Love is all around! As Cakes&Bakes we believe that love is anything and everything that warms your heart!

    In this month’s Instagram contest, we’ve asked our followers to share with us what warms their hearts. From a warm smile, meaningful conversations to surprising encounters, our followers responded with special moments dear to them. The winner was automatically drawn from the top 10 best answers.

  • Cakes & Bakes is the best in Europe!

    Cakes and Bakes has added a new accomplishment to its national and international achievements as the best in Europe at the 7th FAB Conference & Awards 2018 in the category of “Airport Coffee, Tea, non-alcoholic beverage shop of the year”

    Electing the most successful airport F&B outlets, FAB awards evaluates a brand’s performance, innovation, service quality, suitability for travel channels, high quality and good service. With it impeccable service standards, Cakes&Bakes have met all the criteria and has been deemed worthy of the award.

    BTA’s CEO Sadettin Cesur said that: “as BTA, we are welcoming our guests in 17 airports in 8 country at more than 350 outlets. While we fictionalise our sustainability policy from service to quality, from pricing to positioning and human resources, we also follow closely our guest’s needs and expectations with an innovative approach. As a result of all our studies, we are proud to offer our guests guests with more than 150 delicious products and extremely glad to be rewarded as Cakes&Bakes. We are also happy to announce that Cakes&Bakes is currently providing service in 23 points in 6 different countries and with the help of TURKUALITY program we are aiming to sustain our successful line by opening 50 new stores in 5 years.



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